German inflation the worst since Hitler


Published 20 January 2022 at 17.18

Economics. German inflation measured in producer prices has now risen to its highest level since the beginning of the post-war period.

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According to the new figures, producer prices increased in December by as much as 24.2 percent on an annual basis.

This is the highest increase since the German Central Bureau of Statistics began measuring prices in 1949, writes Reuters .

The figure is also significantly higher than the forecast of 19.4 percent from experts surveyed by Reuters.

December is the third month in a row with very high increases in producer prices in Germany. In October and November, the increases were 18.4 percent and 19.2 percent, respectively, on an annual basis.

The increase of five percentage points between November and December is also the highest ever recorded between two months, writes Reuters.


The producer price index measures the price development for producers' total sales. Producer prices are considered a leading indicator of inflation and provide an early indication of consumer price developments.


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