General Motors invests in the Fuel Cell, also to power the charging stations


General Motors is not; committed only to the development of electric cars because & eacute; is also working on Fuel Cell technology called HYDROTEC which will be able to; find application in various fields, from trucks to trains, passing through energy generators. And speaking of the latter, the American car manufacturer has made a series of examples of practical applications, highlighting that they can also be useful for powering electric cars.


According to GM, these fuel cell generators they could ultimately replace petrol and diesel generators in many areas. They would be able to produce energy with a power between 60 and 600 kW depending on the model. The application in the automotive field is very interesting.

These Fuel Cell generators can be used to power columns for fast charging of electric cars in places where there is no an adequate electrical infrastructure. Therefore, it would be possible to install much more recharging points; easily, without having to foresee special works for connection to the electricity grid.

Renewable Innovations which is collaborating with GM plans to install 500 EMPOWER columns powered by these Fuel Cell generators in the United States by 2025. Generators that are also suitable for powering “temporary” columns, that is; recharging points created specifically, for example, for events of various kinds of short duration. It is therefore a very versatile and adaptable solution to different needs.

More in general, however, as previously mentioned, these Fuel Cell generators will be able to replace those more & ugrave; gasoline and diesel pollutants. They can be used in the neighborhoods of cities & agrave; to power homes in the event of a blackout, in shopping malls, cinemas and even find application in the military.

General Motors will produce; its HYDROTEC Fuel Cell systems through the joint venture established with Honda at the Brownstown, Michigan site. Charlie Freese , GM's executive director for the HYDROTEC project, commented:

Our vision of a fully electric future extends beyond just passenger vehicles and the transport. Our experience on alternative power supplies with the Ultium project combined with that with the HYDROTEC Fuel Cell systems allows us to offer a reliable and performing product capable of responding to the needs; of the most important sectors; different while helping to reduce emissions related to energy production.

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