“Foreign skills” caused immigration to increase in 2021


Published January 20, 2022 at 1:21 pm

Domestic. Immigration calculated as a residence permit increased to 95,163 people in 2021 from 89,009 people in 2020. According to the Swedish Migration Board, it was the so-called labor & shy; immigration from the third world that drove up the numbers, and now the government wants to make it more difficult to show “foreign skills “.
& nbsp;” So-called expulsions of competence must be counteracted “, according to an investigation proposal.

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Instead of putting the benefit immigrants from Africa and the Arab world who have been granted asylum in Sweden into work, the government has since 2017 invested in a very generous workforce & shy; immigration, which means that the numerous influx of beneficiaries can be supplemented with additional individuals from the third world. immigration of so-called “foreign skills” from this area.

In 2021, Sweden granted 39,270 such residence permits for work, compared with 32,379 the year before.

The wage requirement for immigrant labor to Sweden is SEK 13,000 a month and you get the right to bring relatives who can go on benefits. In 2020, the so-called labor immigration consisted of 16,315 workers and almost as many – 12,510 – relatives as in practice consisted of beneficiaries.

The Moderates and the Sweden Democrats have demanded tightening of the rules, but as usual nothing has happened.

< The inquiry has now resulted in a proposal that those who are migrant workers should actually also work and possibly be able to support their relatives. At the same time, however, it will be more difficult to expel labor migrants whose taxes and fees have not been paid.

“A new basis for residence permits will be designed to make it easier for highly qualified people to work in Sweden and measures to counteract so-called expulsions and exploitation of labor immigrants “, it is stated in Morgan Johansson's (S) directive to the investigator.