Fiat Panda, the moment of the electric is approaching? Here's how it could be


The Stellantis Group has just turned one year old. In these first 12 months since the merger between FCA and PSA, a lot of work is done; was done to reorganize the brands and to prepare the strategy of the future that will be; closely linked to the electrification of the range of cars. In terms of battery-powered cars, Fiat achieved good success thanks to the new electric 500 which is; was the most electric sold in Italy in 2021.

Speaking with Auto Express, the new CEO of Fiat Oliver Francois defined the company as a 'sleeping giant' and that & egrave; it's time to & quot; awaken him & quot ;.

A sleeping giant? I like it, this & egrave; exactly my point of view. We haven't even begun to awaken the giant.

Fiat's number one focuses on a strategy that includes what he defines as “an obsession with synergies between brands”. The Italian manufacturer, therefore, will aim for & agrave; to make the most of industrial synergies with the other brands of the Stellantis Group. Over the course of time, Francois himself had also referred more & ugrave; times to a car with a higher price; bass of the 500 electric and that would have focused on simplicity.

A clear reference to the future Panda that will be; also electric and that could be shown, according to some rumors, already in the course of 2022. A model that will be; based on the Centoventi Concept we have talked about more; times in the past. But how could the future electric Panda be?

We tried to imagine its shapes starting from the Concept. The result is; in the render you can see . The concept car was presented as an extremely simple, customizable car with modular batteries. Probably, the simplicity will remain one of the characterizing elements of the car also to reduce costs. Given what the CEO said, Fiat will probably exploit; the synergies of the Stellantis Group to be able to achieve it. You can & ograve; think that the Italian brand can adopt the same platform on which many electric of the former PSA Group rest. Platform that would also allow to propose the future Panda with internal combustion engines since in the past there were rumors of the possibility; that the new model could also be offered with unit & agrave; traditional.

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