Airstream eStream, caravan with electric motor that you can? move with an app


Thor and Airstream have announced the concept of a caravan which is characterized by some really very interesting solutions. It is called eStream and thanks to the presence of an electric powertrain the caravan & quot; helps & quot; the car to tow it. It is one of the two new electric concepts that the Thor Industries Group has unveiled. But if the Thor Vision Vehicle is; a classic electric camper, although equipped with some advanced solutions, eStream & egrave; a product conceptually much more; interesting.


But it is not; over here, because & eacute; the electric motors allow you to manage the movements of the caravan in small spaces such as, for example, inside the campsite. All using a simple app.

Using your smartphone or tablet pc, you will be & agrave; therefore possible to move the caravan. Also useful solution to facilitate hooking up or uncoupling from the car. The video that we propose below clearly shows the advantages of this feature.

The interior of the caravan can also count on a lot of technology. For example, thanks to Alexa will be It is possible to manage different functions; board including ambient lighting. The on-board systems also allow you to check the battery level and the remaining autonomy. A concept, therefore, very interesting. For the moment, it is not; clear if and when this caravan will arrive on the market. However it would not be strange to see it on the market over time even if the price will probably be; within the reach of a few given the technical contents offered.

The second concept, on the other hand, is; a pi & ugrave; & quot; traditional & quot; camper equipped with electric motors capable of offering a range of over 300 miles (482 km). Particularity, in order to offer this distance, is; equipped with a Fuel Cell system which powers the accumulator. Also in this case there is a lot of technology on board.

Lately, several electrified solutions for camping are arriving. Volkswagen is also working on it. Apparently, it will come a camper version of the future ID.Buzz.

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