Volkswagen and Bosch together to provide solutions for battery manufacturing


The Volkswagen Group continues to pursue its ambitious electrification strategy which also includes batteries. Precisely in this sense, the German Group announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bosch to explore the possibility; to go and create a new European provider of battery solutions . More specifically, the two companies aim to offer all the machinery and technologies necessary for the large-scale production of battery cells and systems to companies operating in this sector.

The accumulator sector is, in fact, experiencing strong growth. In Europe alone, highlights the automotive group, several companies plan to build cell factories with capacity; annual total of around 700 GWh by 2030 . You cannot & ograve; not to mention, in this regard, that the Volkswagen Group itself aims to have six factories for the battery cells of electric cars by 2030.


For both partners, this alliance is; a further step towards a leading role in the field of e-mobility. The partnership, which should lead to the establishment of a new company & agrave; dedicated by the end of 2022 , it may & agrave; rely on the expertise of the Volkswagen Group in electric cars and batteries and in those of Bosch in the fields of factory automation and systems integration.

Thanks to this collaboration, the two companies will aim to create an entirely European supply chain. This is also a way to help reduce dependence on Asian battery manufacturers. Thomas Schmall , member of the Volkswagen Group Board of Directors, commented:

Europe has the opportunity unique to become the center of gravity of battery production for years to come. There is strong and growing demand for all aspects of battery manufacturing, including equipment for new battery factories. Volkswagen and Bosch will explore the opportunities to develop and shape this new multi-billion dollar industry in Europe. Our decision to actively engage in the vertical integration of the battery manufacturing value chain will attract sizable new profits. The idea of ​​creating a fully localized European supply chain for mobility electric made in Europe certainly marks a rare opportunity; in the company's history.

Rolf Najork , member of the Bosch board of directors, added:

Together with Volkswagen, we seek a path to industrialize manufacturing processes for battery cells with standardized equipment. We have the best requirements for this: Bosch is not; only the most largest automotive supplier to the world, but also a major supplier of factory equipment. We understand how battery technology works and we know how to make it. With over 135 years of automotive experience and our proven track record in industrialization, we want to meet the growing demand for batteries. European industry has the potential to become a technological engine for the ecological transformation of the economy.

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