The starting price: SEK 3.6 billion


Published 19 January 2022 at 10.53

Abroad. Eager to brag a little about your surroundings to your great wealth? Forget Djursholm and Strandvägen – here is the luxury villa that you should get if you really want to impress.

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The luxury villa Cassino dell'Aurora in the Italian capital Rome is for sale.

The estimated value is 471 million euros – or almost five billion kronor. However, the asking price is a little more modest: 353 million euros.

The house, also known as Villa Aurora, was built in 1570 and has the world's only ceiling painting by the Baroque painter Carravaggio.

The luxury villa is called on Tuesday in what is described as the “auction of the century”, writes RT.

Until recently, the house belonged to the stone-rich Italian noble family Ludovisi, who have owned the property since the beginning of the 17th century. The villa is literally teeming with precious paintings and statues, including by the baroque artist Guercino. ; PD

Aurora (1621) by Guercino, in Villa Aurora's main reception.