The S-oligarch's statement in court: “I am a careless person of God's grace”


Published 19 January 2022 at 08.13

Law & Right. The S-marked oligarch and grant king Jan Emanuel Johansson, 47, is convicted of driving around in his Ferrari without a license plate. Something he blames on carelessness.
– I am a careless person by God's grace, says the S-marked multimillionaire in interrogation.

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It was the mandatory registration plate at the front that was missing when the police stopped the 47-year-old grant king when he came driving on Norr Mälarstrand while he was talking on a mobile phone in his hand.

Johansson had according to bought the car in Norrköping and forgot to check that there was a registration plate in the front. In the interrogation, Johansson also rallies about how he “assumes that the prosecutor” walks around the car and checks that everything is as it should be before each drive, which you get to learn to do at the driving school.

– No I really do not usually check it. But I know that normally when you get in the car, you should take a turn around the car to look and see that everything is as it should be. I assume that the prosecutor does it every time the prosecutor gets in the car, but I do not. So in that case, I must refer to the fact that I am a negligent person, he says.

The district court sentenced Jan Emanuel Johansson for violation of the Traffic Ordinance and violation of the Ordinance on vehicle registration and use for fines.