The father of the rape brothers about Sweden: Racists


Published 19 January 2022 at 09.30

Domestic. “Assignment review” dedicates a new episode to Damir Al-Ali, who was granted SEK 840,000 in damages by JK after kidnapping, torturing and raping women in Malmö. Among other things, there are many indications that the rapist's passport is forged and that he is older, he claims – which would mean that he was not entitled to any damages at all.

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The brutal rapes took place in Malmö year 2017.

One of the victims, “Petra”, says that she had opened the windows in the kitchen and in the living room before she went to bed. Two men went in and threatened her with a gun, beat her down and then started taking turns raping her.

– They beat me, and in the end he strangled me so much that I fainted, the woman says in Assignment review.

When the rapists were ready, they took the woman's keys and threatened to kill her if she went to the police.

For just over a month, Damir Al-Ali and his brother attacked a another woman. The duo kidnapped, tortured and repeatedly raped the woman in an old garbage room in a rental property.

Damir Al-Ali was later sentenced in the Court of Appeal for, among other things, kidnapping, aggravated rape, theft, extortion, illegal use and illegal driving to 4.5 years in prison. The older brother was sentenced to seven years in prison.

However, Damir Al-Ali was later granted a restraining order by the Supreme Court, citing that it could not be considered proven that he had been over 18 at the time of the crime. He received SEK 840,000 in damages from the Chancellor of Justice, Mari Heidenborg.

– I saw that he would get 840,000! So he has received more than I and the other girl would have received, says “Petra” in Assignment review.

She herself was awarded SEK 225,000 in damages, but has only managed to get a total of SEK 3,000 during those years which has passed. The damages that Al-Ali received from JK must not be used to pay damages to the victims.

According to Assignment review, there are a number of things that indicate that Damir Al-Ali was in fact an adult at the time of the crime, and that his passport is forged.

The only document that proves his identity and age is his Syrian passport – which according to Assignment review “contains a remarkable deviation”. The passport is said to have been issued when Al-Ali was twelve years old, but has a validity period of four years – something that should not be possible.

– If you are under 18 years old, you normally get six years, but if you turn 18 within these six years, you only get a validity period up to the day you turn 18, says Annica Ihrner, document reviewer at the Swedish Migration Board.

It also appears that the border police in their control of the passport only made a technical examination to see if the passport has been tampered with – but no investigation into the information in the passport is correct.

When the Assignment review reporter enlists the help of a lawyer in Syria, she manages to get an identity card on the information contained in the man's Syrian passport. The document with stamps of authenticity is delivered despite the fact that no power of attorney or identification has been presented. This means that anyone can get such identity cards on someone else without even identifying themselves.

In 2015, when Damir Al-Ali, according to his Syrian passport, was only 14 years old, he participated in a brutal kidnapping of taxi driver Douglas Johansson in Alvesta. Al-Ali was then one of the three perpetrators who drove the car.

“Proud to drive with Swedish authorities”
In a police interrogation, one of the other perpetrators said that he was afraid of Damir Al-Ali.

– Tell her that his real age is 18, not 14, he said.

The other perpetrator also told in interrogation that Al- Ali was in fact four years older than he claimed.

– He said that he had stated the wrong age so as not to encounter any problems, and that he was proud to be able to work with the Swedish authorities.

The brothers' father states that the family has been exposed to “hatred and threats”. He “rejects all allegations against the son and believes that the family has been treated badly and subjected to racism by the authorities”, writes Assignment review.