SD: Investigate the “harmful effects of rap”


Published 19 January 2022 at 13.57

Domestic. A review is needed to provide an overview of the “harmful effects of gangster rap”. This is what the Member of Parliament Tobias Andersson (SD) writes in a debate article in the Althing.

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“It is no longer possible to close one's eyes to the fact that the gangster rapper has a close relationship with the criminal networks”, writes Tobias Andersson and takes the shooting death of the rapper Einár as an example.

It has existed those who have “done their utmost to defend and continue to legitimize the gangster gang even after the murder”, he further states and continues:

“But strong criticism has also been aroused, primarily from my own party, where we were for a long time alone to draw attention to the problems surrounding the public's glorification of often serious criminal gangsters. “

SD has previously submitted a proposal for a review of the gangster ladder and how it is promoted by state Swedish Radio. However, the party has not received the hearing hoped for from Minister of Culture Jeanette Gustafsdotter (S), who was forced to back down after expressing support for such a review in one of her first interviews as minister.

“We will continue to work In December, Expressen, but also Swedish Radio itself, reported that P3 drastically reduced gigs by criminal gangster rappers, and this has always been our aim, to examine and see through the criminal actors. within the genre and get state-funded Swedish Radio, as well as private individuals, to think about what you contribute to when you press play “, writes Tobias Andersson (SD) in the Althing.