Moderate refuses to vote for vaccine passport


Published 19 January 2022 at 12.51

Domestic. Member of Parliament Jan Ericson (M) does something as unusual for a Swedish politician as going against the party line. During Wednesday's vote in the Riksdag, he will not vote to extend the covid-19 law, nor will he vote for increased use of vaccine passes.

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Jan Ericson states on his blog that he gave the message to the moderate parliamentary group last night.

Among other things, he believes that the extensive mandate that the Pandemic Act gives the government to circumvent the Riksdag “does not lie in line with the Constitution and the ideas behind it “.

The M-politician also refers to the fact that the government has received “harsh and very justified criticism in the last week for complicating the work of the Corona Commission by not disclosing the material that the [corona] Commission needs to examine the government's handling of the pandemic”.

“I am personally somewhat astonished that the parties (possibly with the exception of L) after the recent events still seem to have confidence in the government's continued handling of the pandemic. I will in this situation refrain from the votes regarding the extension of the pandemic law “, writes Jan Ericson.

When it comes to vaccine passes, Ericson writes that his opposition to this depends on both principles and pure reasons:

“In principle, I think it is wrong to divide healthy people according to medical status. It is also wrong for the state to exert pressure (some call it outright blackmail) on people just because they invoke their constitutionally protected rights to say yes or no to vaccines. You have every right to think that people make the wrong choice, but if you do not like the constitution, you can discuss changes to it, not punish people through limited rights for invoking the constitution. In fact, we now also know that vaccinated and unvaccinated people and we know at the same time that very few become seriously ill – regardless of vaccination status. means that there are also no objective reasons for vaccine evidence – either to counteract infection or to counteract congestion in healthcare. “