Europe car market, for the first time sold more? electric than diesel


The European auto market closed 2021 with a negative result as we have seen recently. Despite the certainly not positive period for this sector, the growth of the electric car segment continues. According to a report by the Financial Times, in the month of December 2021 the electric cars have made a historic overtaking against the diesel models . In the month that & egrave; concluded recently, therefore, more and more have been sold at a European level; electric and diesel models.


This is a very important result that shows how the market is evolving. Diesel engines have long been customers' favorites. The registrations of the electrified models (hybrid, Plug-in and electric) already had; cumulatively exceeded those of diesel cars. However, this is; was the first time that 100% electric cars alone outperform diesel vehicles.

According to preliminary data reported in the report, more; of a fifth of new cars sold within 18 European markets were fully electric, while diesel cars accounted for less than 19% of sales. They would be approximately 176,000 100% electric cars sold in Europe in December against 160,000 diesel cars. The incentives for the purchase of zero-emission cars to help the growth of this market.

Furthermore, the report highlights that the result for the month of December is; was helped in part by Tesla's strong fourth-quarter delivery volumes and in part also by the boost other automakers gave electric vehicle deliveries in December to meet fleet-wide emissions targets.

< p> The protagonist of the electric segment & egrave; the Tesla Model 3. As we had recently seen, the American electric sedan is; destined to become the most battery-powered model sold in Europe during 2021. In a few days the definitive data for December of the European market will arrive. At that point it will be; possible to have an even more picture clear of the growth of the electric segment and of the results for each single model.

2022 will be; a very important year for electric, which will have to confirm this growth trend. Crucial will be also the expansion of the charging network. Without an adequate infrastructure for energy supply, the spread of electric cars could slow down.

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