Elon Musk in Berlin in February. Soon the green light to the production of the Gigafactory?


The Gigafactory of Germany has not yet received the authorization from the authorities; of the country to start car production. As we have seen over time, there have been several problems, including bureaucratic ones, which have slowed down the entry into operation of the new factory which plays a very important role in the manufacturer's expansion plans since the Model Y produced will be used to satisfy the demand of the European market.

Apparently there are some news. Elon Musk communicated that in the middle & agrave; of February will go & agrave; in Germany to view the new Gigafactory. A communication that & egrave; was done as rumors circulated that the CEO of the American carmaker was planning a trip to Germany already; in these days. Actually, Musk will go at his new factory in about a month.

It is speculated that this visit may coincide with the start of production of the new Gigafactory. As we know, the company & agrave; has sent to the authorities; competent all the documentation necessary to receive the authorizations. Therefore, the green light would be expected in a short time.

Recently the news had also emerged that Tesla had requested and obtained a further permit to extend the pre-production phase since it was not satisfied with the quality & agrave; of the first Model Ys built within the Gigafactory for testing purposes. Permit that allows to build 2,000 units & agrave; of the electric SUV within a month (500 per week). For half & agrave; February, therefore, Tesla is expected to have completed construction of this new batch of pre-production vehicles.

So, it might very well be possible that the trip could coincide with the start of activities; of the new factory. All that remains is to wait. It must be said, however, that for Tesla it will be; much more; it is important to quickly and smoothly reach production of its electric SUV. If these months of waiting have allowed the manufacturer to fine-tune the factory and production, the delay could take a back seat.

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