Airspeeder is really done, the first pilots of flying racing cars arrive


Airspeeder is taking another step towards the launch of its series dedicated to “flying racing cars” , that is; eVTOL details specially developed by Alauda Aeronautics. The goal of the series that is already been renamed as the & quot; Formula 1 of the skies & quot; & egrave; to accelerate the development of eVTOL technology. After giving a little taste of future competitions in November 2021, Airspeeder announced the names of the first three pilots who will participate in the EXA Series which will take place & agrave; this year.

Currently, aircraft are remotely controlled and also the EXA Series in 2022 will be disputed; with the pilots who will remotely manage their vehicles. However, Airspeeder's growth plan foresees that in the future races will be held with the pilots aboard these particular & quot; racing eVTOLs & quot ;.


According to what Airspeeder communicated, more & ugrave; of 1,500 people applied to become a pilot. Eventually, the company & agrave; has selected three people. There will be; Fabio Tischler , a German FPV drone pilot who & egrave; moved to Sydney in 2015 to pursue his dream of piloting them professionally. He has traveled the world capturing drone footage for brands such as Red Bull, Toyota and GoPro.

With him there is; Emily Duggan , successful Australian car driver. Duggan & egrave; she became the first female driver to race in Australia's V8 Touring Car Series and has achieved 12 wins, 33 podiums and two poles in her racing career. Finally, & egrave; Zephatali Walsh , operator of remotely piloted aircraft, was chosen. Of the three, & egrave; the only one who has experience in the world of racing drones having competed in the Drone Champions League in 2020.

Now, these three pilots will have to face 2,000 hours in the Alauda Aeronautics VR simulator to be able to learn how to fly aircraft. In 2022, three races will be held in three different countries. Finally, it should be remembered that in the & quot; small demonstration tender & quot; (a drag race of 300 meters) last November, the eVTOLs had managed to reach a speed; maximum speed of 155 km/h . The test also allowed Alauda Aeronautics to showcase its Virtual Forcefield guidance system which uses technologies such as radar and LiDAR. A system that should guarantee the safety of aircraft during real races.

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