Women's violence against men is classified as men's violence against women


Published January 18, 2022 at 1:48 pm

Domestic. If it is the woman who beats the man in a close relationship, it should still be counted as “men's violence against women”. This has been determined by the feminist Gender Equality Authority, Kvartal reports.

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In 2020, the Gender Equality Authority published the handbook “Nothing to wait for”.

It states that “men's violence against women” is an umbrella term that also includes such things as “exploitation of the female body in advertising, media and pornography “.

But even when it is the woman who beats the man, it is” men's violence against women “, the authority further states.

” By including the concept of violence in close relationships in the overarching concept of men's violence against women, violence in same-sex relationships is also included, or for that matter women's violence against men in close relationships “, it says in the handbook.

Berit Jernberg, head of department at the Equality Authority for national strategy for preventing and combating men's violence against women, says that she is happy when she reads the wording.

– I was so happy, because it is extremely well worded and good. So it was fun to see again, says Berit Jernberg to Kvartal.

Berit Jernberg states that it is the government that has decided that women's violence against men should be classified as part of men's violence against women, and that this is clear of the gender equality policy sub-goals.

Minister of Labor and Gender Equality Eva Nordmark has, via her spokesperson, declined to comment on the matter, writes Kvartal.