Rumor: 'Standard iPad will get a new design in 2023'


Apple has been releasing a new standard iPad every year since 2017. The counter now stands at five successive models, all of which look almost the same. When will that change? That could take a while, says rumored @DylanDKT on Twitter. The iPad won't get a new design until 2023.

‘iPad 2023 gets a new design’

What that new design of the iPad 2023 will look like is still the big question. A redesign, as the source says, suggests that this model also makes the transition from a design with a home button to a design without a home button, so with straight edges. The iPad 2023 could therefore take over the design of the current iPad Air 2020, which is therefore three years old at that time. The entry-level iPad is known for reusing older parts and designs, which can lower the price. But the price difference between the current entry-level iPad and the iPad Air is still about ’300.-.

Another option is that Apple opts for a smaller redesign and that the design of the iPad Air from 2019 is taken. While it is broadly similar to the current entry-level iPad, the screen is larger (10.5-inches instead of 10.2-inches), the bezels are slightly thinner and the screen is also of better quality. Which design Apple will choose in 2023 remains to be seen.

‘iPad 2022 only improved specs’

The iPad 2022 would therefore only get better specifications this year, allowing Apple will continue in the same way as in recent years. The improvements expected by the source are support for 5G on the Cellular model, Bluetooth 5.0 (instead of 4.2), Wifi 6 and an A14 chip (instead of A13). It is therefore a marginal update, because the screen size would remain the same with 10.2-inch.

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