Rimac Technology will remain? autonomous and develop? EV also for third parties


The new Rimac Group & egrave; officially became operational from January 1, 2022. The Group holds 55% of Bugatti-Rimac (45% is in the hands of Porsche) and 100% of the new company & agrave; Rimac Technology . Precisely this second company will cover; a very important role.

Rimac Technology amplier & agrave; its activities in the fields of engineering and the development and manufacturing of high performance battery systems. Also, I will work the development of electric motors and other important components for high-performance electric cars. These are all those components for which Rimac & egrave; become known over time.

This company & agrave; will be a reality autonomous and will work both for the Rimac Group and for third party customers . Gi & agrave; today it collaborates with clients of the caliber of Porsche, Hyundai, Kia, Automobili Pininfarina, Koenigsegg and Aston Martin. Obviously, the goal is to further expand collaborative projects with other realities. In this regard, & egrave; it has been said that there are several other projects underway that cannot be communicated at the moment .

Rimac Technology today & egrave; a company with 1,000 employees based in Zagreb. From 2023, the entire Rimac Group will relocate; in a new campus of 200 thousand square meters that will allow; to have over 2,500 employees. All activities will be transferred within the campus; of the Group, including the production of the Nevera hypercar and all products developed for customers.

The new company will have; therefore the possibility grow independently to develop more quickly the technology that will then be; used not only by the Rimac Group but also by its customers. In quality as CEO of the Rimac Group, Mate Rimac will manage both Bugatti Rimac and Rimac Technology.

At this point all that remains is to wait for the fruits of the Rimac Group's work. In particular, there is a lot of curiosity; in discovering how it will be the first electric Bugatti to be born; thanks to the technologies of the company; Croatian.

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