“If you have a cold, you are sick of omikron”


Published January 18, 2022 at 11.30

Domestic. Johan Styrud, chairman of the Stockholm Medical Association, tells Swedish Radio that you should assume that you have omikron if you have a cold. The corona variant has already become so widespread.

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– The disease is growing enormously now, says Johan Styrud and continues:

– Everyone who has a cold is basically positive. If you then have waiting times of maybe up to a week before you get an answer to testing, it becomes meaningless. If you have a cold today, you should assume that you are ill and stay in the waiting period.

Johan Styrud believes that it is time to reduce the mass test for covid-19 among the population and try to get a more focused use of the resources.

– It is better to gather the test capacity we have for healthcare, for elderly care and where it is important to know exactly, he says.

– If you have a cold, you are ill in omicron. Start from that, Styrud concludes.