iCulture polls: which Apple products are you most looking forward to?


Recently, at iCulture, we already listed all the upcoming Apple products from 2022, so you have a good idea of ​​what to expect this year. 2022 looks set to be a more exciting year, with some nice surprises and perhaps a whole new product category. Is this also the product you are most looking forward to or are you more curious about the logical successors?

What are you most looking forward to from Apple in 2022?

Whether you're eagerly awaiting a new iPhone, planning to buy your first MacBook or can't wait for Apple to release its new AR/VR glasses, there's plenty to look forward to. Because so much is expected this year, you can indicate your three favorites in our poll.

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Remember that the products in this poll have not yet been revealed and may be delayed turn into. The release of Apple's AR glasses is especially uncertain, as a source recently claimed that Apple's mixed reality headset has been delayed.

To make your choice a bit easier, we have recently already looked a few times ahead at the new products that Apple will release. For example, we have listed all our expectations for the Apple Watches of 2022 and you can read in our round-up what you can expect from the iPads of 2022.

We also recently discussed in the latest episode of the iCulture Podcast what Apple is going to release this year and we share what we are looking forward to.

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