Ford Mondeo: the new sedan snubs Europe. Sar? only Chinese and American


The new Ford Mondeo 2022 is; the new sedan elegant, racy and a little bit muscular, ready to conquer the Chinese automotive market. And the old continent? For now it is; confirmed that there are no sales plans that include Europe so we have to limit ourselves to observe it from afar . Rumors say, however, that the new Mondeo could be sold later in the US to replace the Fusion.

The all-new Ford Mondeo & egrave; now in its fifth generation and presents itself to the world with a renewed stylistic language. Reinventing the model & egrave; was & quot; a privilege and a challenge for our team & quot ;, said the head designer Maurizio Tocco . “ We wanted to respect the story that preceded us by taking it, however, to a higher level, '' he continued. & quot; The starting point & egrave; always the customer to incorporate ci & ograve; needs and wants in the final design. & quot;

Here, speaking of design , the new Mondeo draws heavily from its sister model recently launched on the Chinese market, the Evos crossover, bringing with it an octagonal-shaped grille, thin LED headlights connected by a luminous band present right on the front edge of the hood, while the mouth lower, present on the grille, also draws the side slits, creating a modern face in step with the times.

The side of the new Mondeo has large wheel arches that house wheels up to 19 inches, handles flush with the doors and a coup & eacute; style roofline , with the color contrasting with the rest of the bodywork.

Tail? It has a beautiful stage presence, almost resembling that of an SUV or a Crossover with a hint of splitter, the optical group with a sporty aesthetic look and connected by the LED strip, not to mention the name Mondeo clearly visible in the center of the tail . There is also the hint of speaker.

The measurements they are remarkable. We are talking about a length of 493 cm, a length of 187 cm and a height of 150 cm. The pass is; of 295 cm. Interior photos were not shown of the new Mondeo, but Chinese sources confirm the presence of the same cabin as the Evos, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen for the infotainmen system 27 inches.

Who will live in? inside this huge touchscreen will be the system Ford Sync + 2.0 UX bundled with a software package developed by Baidu, which offers a virtual assistant along with functionality; software update via OTA. Level 2 driver assistance functions and car-to-X technology also confirmed.

The new Mondeo is based on Ford's C2 platform and, for the Chinese market, should offer a choice between 1.5-liter turbo and 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engines, 0 liters, the latter up to 238 hp. & Egrave; also planned plug-in hybrid propulsion , the details of which have yet to be formalized.

The new four-door sedan from Ford, will be; on sale in China in the second quarter of 2022 and will be; produced in a joint venture between Ford and the Chinese company Changan in Chongqing.

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