For those who just can't digest the grille of BMW M3 and M4, here is the Vorsteiner kit


BMW's new kidney is there; left on the stomach? Then as a digestive you can take a look at the new kit by Vorsteiner that allows you to make more; graceful the double nostril of your BMW M3 or M4 and, at the same time, will allow you & agrave; to make your cars appear even more & ugrave; nasty and sporty.

Each part of the kit is sold separately, but is part of a single body created specifically to make even more; the BMW M3 or the M4 is beautiful.

The changes, or if you prefer, the additions, can be seen starting from the new grille which features a double kidney in carbon fiber .

The price ? For the kidney alone it starts at $ 1,500 (about 1,300 euros). If, on the other hand, you want to change the whole face of your car, adding a virtuoso well pronounced splitter and an even more lower mouth; shaped, then you will have to shell out $ 2,400, a little more; of 2,000 euros.

The rest of your car will not remain; dry mouth for & ograve ;, since & eacute; Vorsteiner also thought about how to make more; bad side skirts (also built in carbon fiber) and then add, under the wheel arches, specific rims as well as a two-way spoiler, also in carbon fiber.

And the side -B? As mentioned, on the top c & # 39; & egrave; a prominent but more aileron; below plays the double exhaust terminal incorporated in the rear diffuser.

All the individual parts of the body kit, as well as the complete kit in carbon ($ 8,600, about 7,500 euros ) can be ordered on the vorsteinerwheels website by going to the shop section of the aforementioned.

What are you waiting for, your BMWs belonging to the M family need a hand of & # 39; aesthetic customization & # 39; like true racing addicted.

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