Car incentives, the government wants to reintroduce the Ecobonus


The non-renewal of incentives for cars within the Budget Law 2022 is not; certainly liked the associations of the automotive sector. We got to talk more; times, even recently, of the appeals launched by the representatives of the auto industry that point the finger not only on the lack of incentives, but also on the absence of a clear strategy of the Government for mobility; electric.

Apparently, it seems that the government is willing to respond to these appeals and is considering reintroducing incentives for electric cars.


Gilberto Pichetto , Deputy Minister for Development Economico, on the sidelines of a meeting organized by the Turin Dumsedaf club, explained that & egrave; intention of MISE to reintroduce the Ecobonus for electric cars . Pichetto explains that he had asked for a billion euros but that in the end the government decided to favor interventions on high prices and high energy. The funds were therefore directed in these directions.

We will do an evaluation, but & egrave; intention of the Mise, and also mine since I chair the automotive table, to reintroduce the Ecobonus for electric cars. We will see in which entity. Electric cars have gone from 8,000 in 2019 to over 30,000 in 2020 to 70,000 in 2021 and will grow further. Is not serious; It is possible to fully integrate the price. I had asked for a billion, but the government decided it had to give priority to interventions on high prices and high energy and the 4 billion ended up in those chapters.

The incentives for cars are really back electric? The signal would seem positive. Obviously, these statements must be taken with due caution . Gi & agrave; in the past, in fact, it was promised that the incentives would become structural. In the end, then we all know that it is not; nothing arrived. As Pichetto explained, the government has decided to use the resources for other purposes. Therefore, we must & agrave; wait for something more & ugrave; concrete to understand if the Ecobonus will really return to be available in Italy. Even if it were re-proposed, it will be necessary & agrave; then also evaluate how it will be; structured and the funds that will be made available.

It is not possible to to do is wait to see if the words will follow the facts. The Deputy Minister for Economic Development then added that in Parliament he will be; presented in the next few days & quot; a detailed study on components companies & quot ;. And on the construction of the Stellantis battery factory that will arise; in Termoli, Pichetto added that in these hours the agreement is being finalized.

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