Another MP peak jumps off


Published January 18, 2022 at 12.14

Domestic. The Green Party's environmental policy spokesperson Maria Gardfjell resigns from her candidacy for the Riksdag. She is the latest in a series of MP leaders who claim to be leaving the party – which, judging by the opinion polls, is on its way out of the Riksdag.

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Maria Gardfjell herself states that she chooses not to run because she experiences a lack of trust and respect from her local department in Uppsala.

– After a meeting of the Green Party in Uppsala last week when the questions was discussed, I felt that there was a complete lack of trust from the local department, and then I felt that it was just as good that I decide to withdraw, says Maria Gardfjell to P4 Uppland.

Previously, MPs Climate and energy policy spokeswoman Lorentz Tovatt and the party's economic policy spokeswoman Karolina Skog announced that they were leaving.