5G in C band, launch tomorrow in the USA: airlines predict the & quot; chaos & quot;


After the two-week break requested and obtained by the Federal Aviation Administration, 5G in-band services will be launched in the United States from tomorrow C able to offer performance and speed; transmission even more & ugrave; more high. A launch that, according to the leaders of major US airlines, including Delta and United, could lead to “catastrophic disruptions” of the economy and blocking many Americans abroad.

Let's reconstruct the facts. AT & amp; T and Verizon, the two largest US mobile operators, had planned to launch their 5G services on December 5, but had to delay this launch by a month to allow all necessary checks regarding aviation safety and possible interference it may cause.

Precisely in this sense the FAA had expressed itself at the end of the year, which after having already in the past highlighted problems caused by the high frequencies of 5G in band C, it had again raised concerns about the potential interference that could exist with some sensitive instruments that aircraft are equipped with, including radio altimeters that help pilots in low visibility operations; .

AT & amp; T and Verizon had initially rejected a subsequent request from of the authorities regulation to delay the launch for another two weeks, until January 19, but then they agreed to do so.

During this time, the FAA has released some updated directives that provide for the revision of the flight manuals of aircraft and helicopters in order to prohibit certain operations that require data generated by these instruments in the presence of 5G signals in the C band. in addition, has planned buffer zones around 50 airports in which 5G antennas are present in the vicinity & agrave; of tracks, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

All this, according to the airlines, would still not be sufficient to prevent service interruptions. The CEOs of eleven airlines, both passenger and cargo, said that from tomorrow a significant number of aircraft could remain on the ground resulting in “chaos” which would block thousands of American citizens abroad who have to return.

& quot; Unless our major hubs are allowed to fly, the vast majority of the traveling and maritime public will remain; essentially ashore indefinitely. The nation's trade will stop & quot ;.

In the past few hours, airlines would already have; considering whether or not to start canceling some flights arriving from Wednesday & igrave; January 19.

For their part, both AT & amp; T and Verizon have refuted these arguments by stating that the spectrum in the C band is; already used in several countries, including France, without any kind of aerial interference.

& quot; The laws of physics are the same in both the United States and France. If US airlines are allowed to operate daily flights to France, the same operating conditions should allow them to do so in the US.

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