Volkswagen: what a mysterious teaser. ? the GTI TCR or an NFT


Volkswagen released a teaser , Friday & igrave; , which shows the silhouette of a Volkswagen Golf accompanied by a caption that unleashed the new Sherlock Holmes of the web, this reads: “ We are launching an NFT (in particular -New-Fast Transporter). Coming in February 2022 & quot ;.

To paraphrase a scene from the film & quot; A lot beautiful & quot; from 1980, directed by Carlo Verdone, we also say & quot; In what sense? & quot;

NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) indicate a set of digital information present within a blockchain that confers rights and characteristics on a specific subject.

< p> Perhaps this is; a first clue that the German company is paving the way for possible alternative businesses in this area. After all, other realities automakers are looking at this world with great interest and Nissan, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alpine have already done so. look into this new world, with some proposals.

Or this is; just a joke (and I would bet given the pun 'New Fast Transporter'). Maybe the reference to an NFT does not enter absolutely anything with it; that will really be & agrave; unveiled in February; maybe we will see together a new sports variant of the new Golf. To be clear, perhaps the GTI TCR. And given the rear wing so prominent in the teaser, it doesn't egrave; totally a weird idea.

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