Västernorrland's regiment is back


Published 17 January 2022 at 17.24

Domestic. Västernorrland's regiment (I 21) – which was disbanded just over 20 years ago – has now been re-established. Solemn ceremonies have been held in both Sollefteå and Östersund today and yesterday.

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On Sunday, Västernorrland's regiment was inaugurated with Jämtland's field hunting corps in the regimental park at the old barracks area at Hågesta in Sollefteå.

Prince Carl Philip was there on behalf of the king.

– I want to convey my warmest good wishes to all of you who will now organize and set up the regiment. On His Majesty the King's assignment, I hereby declare Västernorrland's regiment with Jämtland's field hunting corps, I 21, re-established, said Prince Carl Philip in his inaugural speech.

Colonel Jonas Karlsson is head of the new regiment.

– It is with great pride and honor but also with humility that I today take command of Västernorrland's regiment with Jämtland's field hunting corps. We are now about to build a new regiment in two places, says Jonas Karlsson.

He emphasized the regiment's strategic position in his inaugural speech.

– What is the basis for a regiment is the training of soldiers for our military units. The soldiers who will form the basis of the light infantry battalions that will be trained in Sollefteå and Östersund will be recruited locally. It creates a popular support at the same time as it allows for a high level of preparedness in a strategically important region.

The regiment has a long and proud history in both Västernorrland and Jämtland.

The election of 16 January which reopening day is connected to history because on the same day, in 1646, Sweden established the regiments of Ångermanland, Medelpads and Jämtland.

On Monday, a ceremony was also held in Östersund to mark that the new regiment has operations in two places.

Since the old I 21 was disbanded with the defense decision in 2000, certain military activities have remained in Sollefteå through the Swedish Armed Forces' dog service unit and the 15th Home Guard Battalion. In Östersund, the Field Hunter Group and the 14th Home Guard Battalion have remained.