“Kuuuuuuuk Kiev”: Carl Bildt can not explain his mysterious plot


Published 17 January 2022 at 10.57

Domestic. “Kuuuuuuuk Kiev” – this is how a mysterious post began on Twitter that Sweden's former Minister of State and Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt, 72, published on Sunday evening.

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“Kuuuuuuuk Kiev kkis uis kuis is yuyyour yyuuyour yuyour your.”

This was the message when Carl Bildt's official Twitter account, which has close to 700,000 followers, responded to a post from the Finnish twitterer Jukka P. Seppälä.

Bildt's post was deleted after an hour or so.

The former Prime Minister, who is currently sounding the alarm about Russia, himself has no explanation as to why he wrote as he wrote.

“No idea. But that happens when you have a lot to do and go between different accounts. No signs of anything else in any case”, he writes in an email to Aftonbladet.