BMW goes against the grain and develops new internal combustion engines


The investment plans of most car manufacturers are in the direction of electrification . The manufacturers, also pushed by the possible future bans on the sale of endothermic models, are progressively announcing timelines starting from which they will no longer sell; petrol and diesel cars in some markets. There have also been several announcements regarding the stop to the development of new generations of internal combustion engines.

BMW has chosen to take a path a little bit; different, deciding to continue developing new generations of petrol and diesel engines . Frank Weber, Development Director of BMW, speaking with Auto Motor und Sport about the future arrival of the new 7 Series which will be; also electric, highlighted that they are also working on new 6 and 8 cylinder endothermic engines as well.


With many automotive markets probably not ready for full electrification by 2030, the executive of BMW believes that models with combustion engines will still be needed. Therefore, according to Weber , BMW will continue & agrave; to build highly efficient petrol and diesel engines for new cars for many years to come.

It will be. by state-of-the-art engines , much more clean to comply with increasingly more regulations; stringent in terms of polluting emissions. In particular, Weber promises a major leap forward in the next generation of 6-cylinder engines.

With the six-cylinder engine alone, we are reducing CO2 emissions more and more. massive than ever with a generational change.

These statements are therefore a confirmation of what Frank Weber said a few months ago when he stressed that there would be a future for endothermic vehicles and that they would still invest in these engines. As it had emerged some time ago, it will be; of the latest investment by the German manufacturer in this direction. It will be therefore it is interesting to discover these new generation endothermic engines. efficient and clean that we will see in the future on the cars of the German brand.

Obviously, in parallel BMW is pursuing its electrification plans. Several new battery-powered models will arrive in 2022. You cannot & ograve; not to remember that in 2025 it will debut & agrave; the new Neue Klasse platform , which will be; the basis of most of the manufacturer's future vehicles, including electric ones.

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