Audi e-tron, with the restyling could change its name


We know that Audi has been working on the restyling of its e-tron electric SUV for some time. An update that should introduce several new features; including a improvement in autonomy . But in addition to some technical changes and some changes to the design, it seems that the house of the 4 rings also wants to change the name of this model. According to a report in the German press a few days ago, Audi may decide to call the restyling of the SUV Q8 e-tron .


It would be the same name with which the German brand will launch just the successor of the current SUV and that will come in the course of 2026. According to the report, the reason for this decision is to be found in the will & agrave; of put some order within the e-tron range now that there are many more; models than in the past.

Indeed, today all the new battery-powered models of the German manufacturer have a stronger abbreviation; the name e-tron. The manufacturer's first electric SUV, on the other hand, is only called e-tron. Therefore, the will & agrave; to tidy up the electric range to make all the models more identifiable would make sense.

Furthermore, the name change could also be a way to underline the important innovations; that will be introduced and that will allow to make this SUV much more; competitive and current. In addition to the batteries of greater capacity , in fact, there is also talk of new and more; efficient engines. A restyling that will be therefore particularly broad. Obviously, like all reports, this too must be taken with due caution. Surely we will know more & ugrave; over the course of the year as the debut of the restyling is approaching.

In 2026, as previously mentioned, it will arrive & agrave; the heir to the current SUV that will be a completely different model since it will pogger & agrave; on a platform dedicated to electricity. The current Audi e-tron, on the other hand, uses a modified version of the MLB platform.

Meanwhile, in the course of 2022 it will debut & agrave; the awaited new SUV Q6 e-tron, a model that will introduce for the first time in the Audi range, the new PPE platform developed in collaboration with Porsche.

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