Apple CarKey on select Hyundai and Genesis models by summer


Apple CarKey & egrave; a feature & agrave; which allows you to use the iPhone or the Apple Watch to open/close the car without having to use the classic key. For the moment, however, this solution has not found widespread diffusion. In fact, CarKey is; supported by BMW only for some of its cars. Apparently, however, this functionality developed by the bitten apple could, over the next few months, also arrive on cars of other car manufacturers.

According to reports from Bloomberg, in fact, Apple CarKey should become available on some Hyundai and Genesis models . Is not serious; it is still clear which cars will be compatible with this solution. However, the arrival of compatibility with CarKey it should arrive by summer 2022 . One can, however, try to hypothesize that support may be made available, for example, on the upcoming Hyundai IONIQ 5 or IONIQ 6. There will, however, be a way to find out over the next few months.

In reality, it is not; the first time we talk about the expansion of support for Apple CarKey. Indeed, in September 2021, traces of a reference to Genesis as a car manufacturer supported by this system had been found within the iOS 15 code. Please note that Genesis & egrave; Hyundai's premium brand. For the moment, there are no comments from interested parties on Bloomberg's reports.

If the report is true, Apple will finally have; the way to bring CarKey to many more; cars. This could be a sign that manufacturers are starting to consider the implementation of this solution interesting for their models. All that remains is to wait to find out what will really happen. Since we are talking about summer, surely there will be; an announcement in the previous months.

The news of this possible partnership between Apple and Hyundai for CarKey comes about a year after very insistent rumors circulated about the negotiations for a possible collaboration for the development of Appe Car. He is dealing that, as we know, they are not finished in the best way.

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