Wikipedia may obscure the fact that Marcus Oscarsson is Iranian


Published January 16, 2022 at 9:58 AM

Media. It has been revealed that the TV4 profile Marcus Oscarsson, 45, was born in Iran. But anonymous users with IP numbers from TV4 have tried to remove the data from Wikipedia – where the administrators are now discussing whether Oscarsson's background should be darkened or not.
“It is not entirely difficult to realize who may be deleting the data”, writes a user.

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Marcus Oscarsson, political expert commentator on TV4, has been silent about his background – something that has led to speculation.

Wikipedia's article about Oscarsson was recently updated with the information that he was born in Iran. According to the Swedish Genealogical Association's new catalog “Sweden's population 2000”, both he and his twin brother come from the Middle East.

The twins are said to have been adopted by a Swedish couple when they were very young.

But Marcus Oscarsson's (his first name is actually spelled with k) background is obviously a sensitive subject. On a number of occasions, anonymous unregistered users have gone in and removed the information that he was born in Iran – including from IP numbers belonging to TV4.

The editing war has given rise to a discussion among users on Wikipedia whether or not to indicate the country of birth in the article. Some administrators are in favor of deleting the information.

“Ethnic origin is not the same as place of birth, but it is very close. Few would probably interpret a statement about 'born on land' as that the person was born there when the mother was abroad if this is not explicitly stated. It is normal that in articles enter location, not just country. Compare for example Susanna Kallur. I therefore think that the task can be equated with ethnic origin and should be deleted “, writes the administrator” andejons “.

The user” 123florida “refers to rules that should mean that information from public registers with personal details should generally not be published:

“Information that a person publishes about himself can be used as confirmation that the person does not consider the information to be private. The opposite applies. The person should be treated with consideration and respect even when such edits are made in violation of Wikipedia's guidelines. Sensitive information must be processed with great care so that living persons are not at risk of injury. “

Another user points out that Marcus Oscarsson, in the personal interviews that are available, has avoided mentioning that he was born abroad and has instead used the wording “raised in”. According to the user, this indicates that Oscarsson “does not want the matter to be published even more”

“Do we know that the desire to remove the country of birth comes from Marcus Oscarsson himself, I think we take it into account”, the user adds “Machachkala” i.

However, some other users have a hard time understanding why the information should be obscured.

“In my opinion, the date and place of birth belong in a biography. It should be very strong “Reasons for omitting them. One such thing may be that the information is classified for some reason. Then we will not publish it here and should anyone do so, the version should be hidden as soon as possible”, writes “Tostarpadius”.

< Others also react to the fact that IP numbers from TV4 go in and delete the country of birth from the article.

“It is not entirely difficult to realize who it may be that deletes the information”, states “Disembodied Soul” .