Upload death video with Trump – shuts down


Published 16 January 2022 at 14.56

Abroad. Twitter has permanently suspended an account linked to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei. This since the account posted an animated film showing how former US President Donald Trump is assassinated, reports RT.

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The video was named the winner of a contest “on the theme of revenge on Trump, Pompeo and General Soleimani's assassins” announced on Khamenei's official website.

Iranian commander and national hero Qassem Soleimani was assassinated in a US drone attack outside the airport in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on January 3, 2020. The assassination has caused great bitterness in Iran.

The animated film depicts how Donald Trump, who ordered the attack on Soleimani, himself is subjected to an assassination attempt. a revenge for the murder.

A wheel-driven robot is seen cheating the security cameras and entering the former president's property in Florida, while a drone approaches the same place from the air. The figure representing Trump is playing golf – and both he and the others present receive a text message before the attack begins: “Soleimani's killer and the person who gave the order will pay the price.”

The video was posted on Ali Khamenei's official site and also on Twitter by the account @KhameneiSite. Twitter reacted by shutting down the account permanently

Khamenei's main accounts on the platform, which are available in several different languages ​​and have not distributed the film, are still there.

Donald Trump himself is still suspended from Twitter – his account with more than 88 million followers was permanently shut down in January 2021, while he was still president. Twitter referred to Trump's violation of their rules against “glorification of violence” in connection with the so-called storming of the Capitol.

Trump, who plans to run again in the 2024 presidential election, will soon launch his own social media platform.