The police pile cases up so they become easier to write off


Published 16 January 2022 at 16.58

Domestic. To let time pass so that the police case becomes old enough to be written off, or to give the impression that more is happening than it really does. There are two strategies used within the police to handle the high workload, according to new research from the University of Gothenburg.

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– In principle, all public activities seem to be overloaded with more to do than they can actually handle. A special challenge for the police is that it is not possible to write off cases because there is too much to do – it is illegal. That is why the police need to find strategies to solve the dilemma, says Andreas Liljegren, organizational researcher and associate professor of social work at the University of Gothenburg, in a press release.

. The results show that there are two processes underway to handle the situation: limiting the workload by writing off cases, and putting cases on hold while waiting for processing.

According to the study, there are several reasons to leave cases pending. This may, for example, give the impression that more is happening in the investigations than it actually is. Piling cases also means that they become easier to write off at a later stage.

– Then the evidence may have weakened, witnesses may not have as clear a picture of the course of events and technical evidence may have been lost. , says Andreas Liljegren.

Andreas Liljegren believes that the police have no choice. The gap between the clients' ambitions for the business and the resources that are added is simply too large.

– To deal with the congestion dilemma, the business needs to be creative, otherwise it will collapse. It is basically a matter of prioritization work in order for the system to be maintained, he says.