Forced pedophile to dig his own grave – acquitted of murder


Published 16 January 2022 at 20.12

Abroad. When a father of small children in Russia discovered that his best friend was a pedophile who had sexually assaulted his six-year-old daughter, he forced the man to dig his own grave – where the pedophile's body was later found. Now the father is free from murder, writes British Metro.

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The prosecutor first investigated the father for murder, a murder that would have taken place after the father found a film on the dead man's phone, a film that showed how the man raped the six-year-old daughter.

But now the authorities have come to the conclusion that the father should instead be prosecuted for having forced the pedophile to take his own life. A decision that means that the father will probably cope with a suspended sentence.

In the village of Pribrezhnoye, where the pedophile is suspected of having raped two more children, the support for the murder suspect has been massive. A collection for legal fees has been made and 2,500 people have signed a petition demanding that he be released.