Drone flights are investigated as a special event


Published 16 January 2022 at 17.11

Domestic. The police are now investigating the drone flights over Swedish nuclear power plants this Friday as a national special event.

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The police confirm the information that drones have been observed over the Forsmark and Oskarshamn nuclear power plants.

In the case of Ringhals, however, the police can not confirm that drones have been observed.

The police have now decided to deal with the events of a so-called national special event. A national special event is introduced to coordinate, lead and investigate in a common and effective way.

Preliminary investigations have been initiated. The incidents and investigations are handled regionally, but are coordinated by the police's national operational department, Noa.

There are currently no suspects, according to the police.

The police do not want to comment further on the cases in current situation.