Volkswagen Amarok, teaser of the new generation. Will there be? a V6 diesel engine


In 2022 Volkswagen porter & agrave; the new generation of its Amarok pickup is also making its debut, closely related to the new Ford Ranger as both models rest on the same platform. The presentation of this new model is; expectation during the summer even if a precise date is not yet egrave; been communicated. The German brand has shared an additional teaser, in reality & agrave; a graphic sketch, which allows you to observe the design of the new pickup and, in particular, that of the side profile.

You can see a generous height from the ground and the wheel arches covered with a plastic protection. Even if the teaser allows us to understand it, the German brand emphasizes that the new Amarok will have; larger than the current generation. In particular, it will be & agrave; more 100 mm long and more; 40 mm wide. Higher dimensions that should allow you to have more space inside the passenger compartment.

The new Amarok will be; proposed with different engines depending on the market in sui sar & agrave; marketed. In any case, it will be; present a powerful diesel V6 . In some countries it will be; Also available is a Ford-derived 2.3-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine. It is worth noting that Volkswagen would have eliminated this pickup from its lists if the collaboration with Ford had not continued. The current Amarok has nevertheless achieved some success as up to now it is; was sold in about 850 thousand units.

The new model will be; proposed in different configurations, obviously also with all-wheel drive. For the debut, therefore, we need & agrave; wait several more months. The marketing, probably, will start & agrave; towards the end of the year or early 2023. The new pickup will be; produced in Silverton, South Africa.

All that remains is to wait for further news; on the debut of this model of the German manufacturer.

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