US satellites will block alternative media


Published January 15, 2022 at 09.02

Media. The conservative alternative media channel One America News Network (OAN) will be blocked from the TV satellite service DirecTV in April. Thus, the channel completely stops being distributed by American TV satellites, as market leaders Comcast and Charter have previously refused to broadcast the channel.

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The blockade comes after the left accused OAN of “spreading misinformation”, reports Bloomberg.

DirecTV says in a statement that it is about a “routine” review of the agreement that has resulted in the channel not being allowed to remain.

OAN is largely dependent on DirecTV, its largest distributor, to reach its viewers.

The channel is also distributed via US Verizon FiOS and smaller pay-TV providers and the streaming service KlowdTV, but has never been distributed via the market-leading companies Comcast, Charter Communication or Dish Network.

On the weekly magazine Variety's website, journalist Brian Steinberg calls OAN an “obscure right-wing extremist cable channel” probably losing 90 percent of its revenue.

The fact that Comcast and Charter have refused to distribute the channel for several years has led OAN to market DirecTV as an alternative. But now DirecTV is also blocking the channel.