Rumor: iPad Pro 2022 will get glass Apple logo for wireless charging


Already last year we wrote that the iPad Pro 2022 will probably get wireless charging, as one of the big improvements. However, Apple faces a number of challenges. The current aluminum design is not suitable for wireless charging, forcing Apple to opt for a glass back. But that also poses other challenges. Apple would therefore have made a prototype of an iPad Pro with a glass Apple logo on the back, 9to5Mac writes.

‘iPad Pro 2022 gets glass Apple logo’

Sources say that an all-glass back on the iPad Pro makes the device more fragile and more likely to damage the back. That is why Apple would have chosen a model where only the Apple logo is made of glass, so that all power can pass through it. It is still a prototype, so it is not yet certain whether this will actually come.

The source writes that it also contains stronger magnets to prevent damage. The iPad Pro 2022 would work with the MagSafe charger, the same charger that can also be used on the iPhone 12 and newer. The iPad Pro is said to support faster wireless charging than MagSafe on the iPhone. In addition, according to the sources, the battery will be a bit bigger, the camera module will have a layout similar to that of the iPhone 13 (with vertically placed lenses) and a new chip.

Recently we already looked ahead to the iPad Pro 2022 and we have listed all the details that are known and our expectations. We don't know when the iPad Pro 2022 will be released yet, but it may take a little longer than you are used to from the iPad Pro.