Renault, Luca De Meo announces: from 2030 only electric cars in Europe


Renault accelerates its electrification plans. Its CEO Luca De Meo has announced that Renault will become; an electric-only brand in Europe by 2030 . This is very important news as, previously, the automaker had set itself the goal of having a 90% electric range by the end of the decade. For 2030, therefore, the French brand intends to put an end to the sales of petrol and diesel models within the Old Continent market.

Renault, therefore, has decided to follow the path of other car manufacturers who have announced for this date the will & agrave; to become purely electric brands, pleasantly in some markets. De Meo, however, sets very specific conditions to be able to reach this goal and that is; the presence of an adequate infrastructure for recharging and favorable energy costs. Otherwise, the French brand will continue & agrave; to sell endothermic models.

This announcement is not about Dacia which according to De Meo will continue; to sell cars with internal combustion engines even after 2030 and will be; electrified the most & ugrave; late as possible. Therefore, Renault has also prepared a sort of & quot; Plan B & quot; in the event that market conditions do not allow to focus solely on battery-powered cars. The decision to accelerate the transition process also derives from the fact that the European Union could put an end to endothermic sales by 2035. De Meo, in this regard, stated that & quot; Renault has an obligation to take part in this transition to a & # 39; zero emissions Europe & quot ;.


The first step towards a complete electrification of the range is; the debut of the new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric which joins the Zoe and the electric Twingo. By 2025, another four battery-powered cars will arrive on the market. In addition to the Renault 4 and Renault 5 of which we already have; spoken in the past more times, the French manufacturer will bring & agrave; at the debut at least two other new battery-powered vehicles.

All that remains is to follow the news; that Renault will launch to become an electric-only brand over time. The road that will follow appears very clear and & egrave; the same that the other car manufacturers that already have; announced plans to say goodbye to endothermic models. Compared to other manufacturers, however, Renault reserves the right to continue to offer endothermic models if market conditions are not optimal for battery-powered cars.


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