Growing up in Sweden “have never met a Swede”


Published January 15, 2022 at 2:32 pm

Domestic. It is a scam that schools in Swedish suburbs are engaged in “diversity” and are “multicultural”. In fact, several students in these schools have never met an ethnic Swede, writes the school debater Hai Phuong Tran in SvD.

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Hai Phuong Tran, teacher from Angered in Gothenburg, states that the suburban schools are equal to each other and that if you have worked at a suburban school, you have practically everyone's experience.

” “The language culture, the way you behave, attitude, attitude and attitude towards the school and adults are quite similar to each other. Instead of a multiculturalism, you get a kind of suburban culture”, he states.

But especially suburban culture is not Swedish. Instead, it is largely based on frivolity, and fights often occur where entire families are involved.

“Sometimes it happens that whole families, older brothers, fathers, uncles and uncles conflict with each other for something that has happened in school “, he writes.

It is not easy to be ethnically Swedish as a student at such a school.

” The ethnic Swedish children are marginalized and almost exotified “, notes Hai Phuong Tran.