Ford Mustang, the new generation yes? spied on the street


Ford has been working on the development of the seventh generation of its Mustang for some time. Not an easy job since the Mustang & egrave; considered an iconic model. Forklifts of the new generation had been spotted several times in the past but it was not possible to grasp any particular details of the new design. Now, & egrave; A new prototype of the car was intercepted. Although still disguised, it has the production body and therefore is; it is finally possible to discover something more; on the look it will offer; the future new Mustang.

From the front you can & ograve; see the profile of the classic Mustang grille . The new bumper and headlights that feature a slim design can also be seen. Overall, it seems that the new car will have; of a front a little more angular compared to that of the current generation.

Looking back, you immediately see the tailpipes and the new diffuser. The taillights that can be glimpsed through the camouflage do not appear to differ much from the current ones. Overall, from what transpires at the moment, it seems that the seventh generation Mustang will have; of a design evolution of the current one without major upheavals. Obviously, there will be; time to find out more details and better understand what the shapes of the new American sports car will be.

But what engines will we find under the hood of the new Mustang? For the moment there are still only rumors. According to what had emerged in the past, it seems that electrified thrusters will arrive. In particular, there was talk of a unit & agrave; 2.3-liter four-cylinder and a 5.0-liter V8 engine. A choice that is not surprising given that the American brand is pursuing an electrification plan.

Unit & agrave; hybrids would improve the efficiency of the car. Indeed, there is talk, for the future, of a possible 100% version of the Mustang and we are not referring to the current SUV but to a battery version of the sports car. For the moment, however, it is speculation. In any case, in addition to hybrid engines, the new Mustang looks like it will be able to; also count on all-wheel drive.

When will it debut? We are talking about 2023 with the marketing in 2024. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of more information on the debut of the new generation of the Ford Mustang.

[Spy photo: CarScoops ]

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