A man with a false ID was stopped at the Prime Minister's house


Published 15 January 2022 at 15.14

Domestic. A man with a fake driving license was to deliver packages to the Prime Minister's residence in Nacka on December 21, 2021, but was then stopped by the police, Aftonbladet reveals.

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At the time, Andersson did not live at the address but had moved into the Sagerska palace next to Rosenbad. A home that Stefan Löfven (S) then recently left.

On December 8, police stopped a courier driver outside the house in Nacka, a 36-year-old citizen of Azerbaijan, who turned out to have a forged driver's license.

At the time, the man had been registered in Sweden for just over a year. The police tell Aftonbladet that no one knows how many people use fake ID documents in Sweden.