The Corona Commission is denied important material


Published 14 January 2022 at 06.16

Domestic. The Corona Commission may not take electricity from materials from the Government Offices that are needed in the review of Sweden's pandemic management, reports Dagens Medicin.

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The material that the Commission has been refused access to consists of notes from meetings that can provide answers to how the government and the authorities have made the decisions concerning the pandemic, according to the Corona Commission's Secretary General Joakim Sunnegård.

The Government Offices informs Ekot that official notes do not need to be disclosed and that the Commission will receive internal e-mails sent between certain state secretaries and the press chief in the spring and autumn of 2020.

“But the personal notes that “Officials may have done in support of the memory are not information that the Government Offices has at their disposal. The notebooks etc. that the Commission has asked to see are therefore not covered by the obligation in the ordinance”, the Government Offices writes to Ekot in a written statement.

In practice, this means that the Corona Commission is denied access to information that is part of the government's pandemic management. Among other things, these are the crisis management office's memoirs from heavy meetings between the relevant state secretaries.