Tax collection increased in 2021


Published 14 January 2022 at 15.46

Economics. The state raised 11 billion more in tax revenues from private individuals in 2021 than it did in 2020, according to recent figures from Statistics Sweden. Taxes from companies, on the other hand, decreased by 1 billion.

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Total taxes and fees from natural persons before tax reductions increased by SEK 11 billion and amounted to SEK 1,089 billion in 2021.

The increase was mainly due to increases in municipal income tax of a total of SEK 18 billion, which meant that the total municipal income tax amounted to SEK 766 billion in 2021.

State tax on earned income decreased by SEK 6 billion due to the abolition of the tax on income above the upper tier limit.

In total, the final tax for natural persons adjusted for tax reductions increased by SEK 3 billion and amounted to SEK 790 billion.