Subaru STI E-RA Electric Concept: 1,073 HP electric ready to race for Japan


At the Tokyo Auto Show, Subaru brought several novelties; and here we also see an interesting concept. Let's talk about the Subaru STI E-RA Electric Concept equipped with & hellip; 1,073 horsepower. The ultra-pumped concept of electric foals is; born as a study project on motor sports with the aim of being able to develop new technologies useful for new mobility; and, in the meantime, fight climate change.

The main objective of the Japanese carmaker, with the STI E-RA Concept, is; to complete a lap of less than six minutes and 40 seconds of the Nurburgring in 2023 , after it will have; extensively tested the car around the circuits of the Rising Sun.

< p> Powering the E-RA Concept STI are four electric motors and an integrated inverter from Yamaha. The electric motor team manages to develop a total of 1,073 hp (800 kW) and are powered by a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery .

To keep all the power at bay developed from the concept of the Casa delle Pleiadi, Subaru has equipped the concept with a complex torque vectoring technology that receives different and various signals from the sensors that monitor all the sensitive data of the car.

The concept is, therefore, able to determine the speed; of the wheels , the speed vehicle, steering angle, G-force, speed yaw rate, brake pressure and wheel load to determine the braking force to be applied to each wheel.

The name E-RA refers to Electric Record Attempt and is presents to the public with a futuristic car body , with a shaped face and characterized by a huge splitter and air intakes useful for cleaning, in a perfect way, flows.

The front hood has two huge shafts to better channel the air, with the rest of the car body being smooth and continuous; an example of textbook attention to aerodynamics. Last but not least, on the b-side there is a large rear wing with the diffuser in the most part; below.

At the Tokyo Auto Show, for & ograve ;, there & # 39; & egrave; space also for a second concept, that of the Solterra STI Concept, derived from Subaru's first electric SUV. This further study, is based on the current production model and sports a more look and feel; sporty, with a new roof spoiler and red accents to outline the car body, since & eacute; they cover the splitter, the side skirts and the spoiler.

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