Nuro unveils its new autonomous delivery vehicle with external airbag


Nuro has announced the third generation of its autonomous delivery vehicle that & egrave; already entered the pre-production stage. Nuro & egrave; a company founded by two engineers who worked on the Waymo project. In recent years, the company has been publicly developing and testing its first two generations of autonomous last-mile delivery vehicles, starting with the R1 model which was specifically designed for grocery deliveries. The pilot test program is; This was possible as the company received clearance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) as its vehicles are designed to transport goods and not humans.

In 2020, Nuro began testing its second generation electric vehicle, the R2, thanks also to a collaboration with Domino, for home delivery of pizza. Last summer, Nuro announced a $ 40 million investment in its manufacturing facility and test track in Nevada. Later came the news of a collaboration with BYD .

It is from this collaboration that & egrave; born the new autonomous vehicle for deliveries.


The company & agrave; explains that every detail of the new vehicle is; has been designed to be mass-produced without any problems. The overall dimensions have been reduced (-20% width) to interfere less with pedestrians and cyclists. To ensure additional safety for passers-by, the vehicle & egrave; equipped with an external airbag that inflates across the front to reduce impact in the event of a collision.

For the functions of autonomous driving , the new vehicle of Nuro can & ograve; rely on a sophisticated network of sensors that allow the system to have a 360 degree view (LiDAR, cameras, radar and more). Its compartments have a space of approximately 0.76 cubic meters, which is equivalent to approximately 24 bags of food. Overall, & egrave; It is possible to carry a weight of up to 226 kg. Accessories are also available to allow heating and cooling of the compartments to which & egrave; can be accessed through an external touch screen.

The vehicle has an electric motor capable of pushing it at speed; maximum of about 72 km/h . At the moment there is no still a precise date for when we will actually be able to see these new autonomous delivery vehicles on the road.

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