Liberal “speechless” over the fact that Russia has ships in the Baltic Sea


Published 14 January 2022 at 16.40

Domestic. The Center Party's youth union CUF now demands that Sweden join NATO. One of the reasons is that the union & shy; President Réka Tolnai, 23, has found out that Russia has ships in the Baltic Sea.

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“We have Russian ships in the Baltic Sea and the government still believes that it is safer for Sweden not to join NATO? Is speechless”, Tolnai writes on Twitter.

Russia has – in the form of various state formations and with one exception – had vessels in the Baltic Sea for at least 1,500 years. During the Nordic Vendel period (550–800 AD), Slavic tribes from present-day Russia actively traded with the Vikings and the population of modern Sweden. According to recent research, Scandinavian Vikings have been involved in founding what later became Russia and the blame from the Vikings can still be traced in DNA from parts of the Russian population around the Baltic Sea.

During the great power era, Russia lost its Baltic coast to the Swedes. that the Swedish defense of the Baltic provinces collapsed at the beginning of the 18th century, Russia returned as a Baltic nation, and has had a fleet in the Baltic since then.

Réka Tolnai's post on Twitter is now arousing cheer on the social networking site. p>

“Oops. Did not you get the PM? Lieutenant Colonel von Schlippenbach was forced to give up Nöteborg, so the Russians have pushed forward to the Baltic Sea”, writes the journalist Mattias Albinsson and links in a message to Charles XII from 1702.