Ingves: Swedish inflation will soon decline rapidly


Published 14 January 2022 at 12.40

Economics. “Apart from electricity prices, Sweden has no extreme inflationary pressure and inflation is transient,” said Governor Stefan Ingves in a speech at the Association of Local Government Economists on Friday.
– It will go down fairly quickly in the inflation rate in the future, Stefan Ingves promised.

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– We have no extreme inflationary pressure in the Swedish economy, he said according to Dagens industri.

If you remove energy prices, not much has happened with Swedish inflation, according to Ingves.

– Our assessment is that energy prices will not increase as fast in the future. Then the price increases from the energy side also fall from the consumer price index and it will go down quite quickly in the inflation rate in the future, he said.

In an economic sense, the pandemic is now behind us in Sweden, according to Ingves, who promised a “more normal ”growth where GDP grows by about 2 percent per year.