iCulture Today: this was Thursday, January 13, 2022


Today we list all the rumors about the MacBook Air 2022 for you. What will the design look like and when can you expect it? Also today: Fortnite looks set to return soon via GeForce Now, let's see what's possible with accessibility on the Apple Watch and we've got some fresh new iPhone 14 rumors for you again. That and more in this iCulture Today!

News & Opinion

  • The iPhone 14 Pro may have a punch hole and a pill-shaped hole. Do you like this?
  • The Apple Silicon version of Dropbox is now available in beta.
  • Fortnite is coming to iOS via GeForce Now and is now in beta testing.
  • These are all the recent rumors about the MacBook Air 2022.
  • The iPhone 14 probably won't get a Touch ID sensor in the screen, nor in the side button.
  • The iOS 15.3's second beta is now available to public testers, as is iPadOS 15.3.


  • These are the best iTunes and App Store deals of the week.< /li>
  • Looking for the cheapest AirPods? Here you will find all AirPods offers.
  • We have listed the best Apple Watch offers so that you can be sure that you are not paying too much for the latest models.
  • These are the this week's best iPhone deals.

Tips and explanations

  • If you want to set a Do Not Disturb schedule per day, it's finally a lot easier.
  • Sometimes it's necessary: ​​resetting your NVRAM and PRAM on the Mac. But why?
  • You can get a list of apps on the Apple Watch with the List view option.

Accessories and devices

  • We'll show you what the accessibility capabilities are on the Apple Watch, with improved options in watchOS 8.

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