Does Fisker arouse curiosity? with a teaser of his electric supercar which he then removes


Henrik Fisker provided some first clues of the future electric supercar he intends to bring up Street. Indeed, the CEO of Fisker posted on Twitter a first teaser of this car. In the message you can & ograve; to read that the car is undergoing aerodynamic tests and that the results have been fantastic. Fisker also adds that the car will enter in a market segment that does not yet exist . Eventually, the CEO adds that the teaser would be online for a short time.

In fact, Fisker later removed the tweet. Fortunately & egrave; remained online enough for several users to take a screenshot and save the image of the car. Yes & egrave; obviously treated as a move for fans of the brand, to keep attention and curiosity high; on company projects. Recently, the manufacturer has formalized the production specifications of the Ocean SUV that will enter & agrave; in production towards the end of the year. We also know that Fisker has ambitious expansion plans that go through a major collaboration agreement with Foxconn.

But let's get to the teaser of this mysterious electric supercar.


L & # 39; image looks come from computational fluid dynamics tests . Although the car is barely seen, some initial details can still be observed. The aesthetic is somewhat reminiscent of that of American muscle cars. The rear light clusters can also be seen. Looking at the teaser, the car also seems to have a folding top.

No details on the technical specifications, that is; on engine and batteries. However, as mentioned at the outset, the automaker's CEO says there will be no no other vehicle on the market like this. To find out more most likely you will have to; wait a long time since Fisker is already there; working on different projects. As mentioned earlier, towards the end of the year it will depart the production of the electric SUV and in the fourth quarter of 2023 will begin & agrave; the electrical construction developed together with Foxconn.

Furthermore, more Fisker has sometimes even talked about an electric pickup called Alaska. So when it arrives this supercar? We know that the manufacturer intends to bring 3 new models to the market in addition to the Ocean by 2025. One of these should be a supercar. Therefore, this mysterious model will probably arrive; on the market only in 2-3 years.

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